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Who am I?

Everything you know... is it useless?  Thank you college.       My name is Angel De Luna and I am a Musician and a Sound Engineer with a great passion for sound. It seems pretty obvious that as a musician, the sound world would seem like a very attractive thing for me; discovering and exploring the magic world of frequencies, this world created by the Gods and only few dare to enter. So occult, so mystical, so mysterious.        I have worked as a sound guru since 2014, and I would love to share all my experiences with you. From bedroom recording to live concerts, I think I have experienced most of it; touring with a country band while being their guitarist, working as a Lead Sound Engineer/Producer Advisor for one of the biggest baptist churches in West Texas, to making records and scoring films from my bedroom with my laptop.  I have learned by making mistakes, and I believe that is the best way to learn something. You just need to go and get your hands dirty.  

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